WTD Mini Episode #7 Waiting To Go Outside Again

In this episode, we can’t escape talking about that stupid virus, we get into Sergio’s “Bad Curator” topic(which cliche art show you would you rather participate in?), what we are working on with our forced time off, the why’s of painting a burger, and hate on pandemic hoarders.

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#96 Carl Dobsky “The Assassination Of Mark Rothko”

We meet with Carl Dobsky at BACAA in San Carlos to talk about he started teaching, his connection to Massive Black, bridging the gap between cast drawing and concept art, and we dive deep into narrative! Josh and Carl compare their approaches to building narrative, Carl talks about his path to learning about visual storytelling, depicting action to tell the story, and “implied resolution.” We had a lot of fun in Sergio’s Question Corner! Look out for his 3-person show with Shawn Barber and Coro coming June 13th to Maxwell Alexander Gallery in LA.


Get 20% off of Artwork Archive by going to www.artworkarchive.com/waiting.

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#95 Cooks And Bakers

The bad boyz of art podcasting are back! We talk about why most art podcasts are bad, Sergio talks about his San Diego trip and the horror of party brunches, cooking as a metaphor for art, Josh’s art party from Saturday, clarifying Sergio’s work ethic, Josh’s art trade show idea, being turned off by style in art, Josh’s heroics, answer a listener question about mural pricing, Josh’s altercation with a tweaker, and more. 

Check out Sergio’s new painting at Modern Eden Gallery March 7th 2020. 

Get 20% off of Artwork Archive by going to www.artworkarchive.com/waiting.

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#94 The 2020 Wacademy Awards

The boys from Waiting To Dry host the 2nd Annual Wacademy Awards! Josh add Sergio hand out praise and rants like so many Woscars! Along with the best movies, performances, and directors, they also award their guilty pleasures, comedies, superhero movies, TV shows and worst movies of 2019! We end with a discussion about if actors and actresses should have separate award categories and sound hella woke! Please give us a rating or let us know what your favorite movies of 2019 were!

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#93 Kamille Corry “The Sound Of Drowning”

We talk to Kamille Corry after her workshop at BACAA in San Carlos, CA. She talks about her one-way ticket to Florence to study, the difference between university and atelier learning, her desire to sculpt and go back to Italy, her role in the Utah art scene, learning to sell artwork on her own, studying Islamic design, what she wants her art to sound like, and wraps up by going through Sergio’s Question Corner! Check out the end of the episode if you are interested in studying with Kamille!

@KamilleCorry Instagram

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WTD Mini Episode #4 “My Heart Will Go On”

MJ Lindo-Lawyer joins us on the mini-episode and asks us about our childhood celebrity crushes(really just an excuse to out Josh’s childhood crush). She also asks us if we could create a quality art show with bad materials. We talk about our painting process a bit and discuss painting backgrounds. We end with a rant against political art, and generic local art. Catch MJ on Instagram at @mjlindo.

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#92 MJ Lindo-Lawyer “Controversy Kings”

MJ Lindo-Lawyer joins the show today and we talk about trying to get popular in 2020, back pain, MJ and Josh making steps toward becoming full-time artists and how they handle problems differently, and more. Can math prove art is good or bad? Is there math in storytelling? We then switch gears and talk about recent movies and TV shows we watched. We discuss “Mid 90’s,” “Jojo Rabbit,” Oscar nominees, and why “Fargo” might be the best TV show ever. MJ discusses “Don’t F With Cats(spoiler alert!)”, and asks which 3 movies impacted our childhood the most! Josh finds out how Forrest Gump affected his art! We end with MJ asking which TV show impacted our childhood the most! Let us know yours! Find MJ on Instagram at @mjlindo.

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#91 “Paint It And Grab It”

For the last show of the year, we talk about NYE plans, how artists are remembered after death, improving as an artist while being famous, matte finishes, and more. Sergio presents the list of his top 10 paintings of 2019 with his reasons why he chose them. We then discuss the article titled, “The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Succeed” and Josh goes off on ‘gatekeepers.’ We finish off by listing the top ten most downloaded episodes of 2019. Josh shares a little behind-the-scenes story about driving Nate Van Dyke home, and we finish with Josh learning about a very special sound clip!

Paintings from Sergio’s 2019 Top Ten (click on the links to follow along)

Jose Luis Cena 

Colleen Barry 

Quang Ho

Zoey Frank

Stephen Early 

Jeff Hein 

Soey Milk 

James Jean 

Mia Bergeron 

Jacob Aguiar 

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