WTD Mini Episode 13: Get A Life

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We answer the listener question, F— Marry Kill: Van Gogh, Picasso, and Pollack! It morphs into Pollack, Koons, and Hirst. We also discuss an article about the muralist Nychos getting a mural in Glendale taken down, and the stupid reasons that a mural can be taken away from the public space. We touch on the aftermath of the attempt to get Josh’s Roseland mural taken down, and the consequences of cancel-culture on art. A classic WTD Rant Corner! Look out for Josh and MJ’s show later this month at Stone Sparrow Gallery in New York City!

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#109 It’s A Finesse Thang

Sergio talks about his course and being in teaching-mode and how that affects his painting. Josh talks about nearing the finish line of the work for his upcoming show in November. We answer a ton of your listener questions this week too! 

Some of the questions answered:

(23:35) Do you make 5-year plans or just go with the flow?

(38:42) Do birds have fun?

(45:43) What’s a subject matter you dislike painting?

(51:05) What is most fun in your process?

(1:03:15) Is there a reason to what seems like you solely using women as subjects in your work?

(1:18:05) Do you have favorite easy foods to make while painting?

(1:27:48) Having this platform, do you ever worry about getting canceled in this cancel-culture world?

(1:37:20) Why doesn’t Josh start his own pencil company and make millions?

(1:43:11) Do you ever have the urge to put all of your creative energy into one style or body of work?

(1:51:12) How did you realize that you can make a living off of your art? How did you start?

(2:03:00) How do you stay motivated while doing the busy work admin part of being an artist? 

We also rip on the documentary, “The Price Of Everything” and praise Jeffrey Catherine Jones’s documentary “Better Things.”

Sign up for any of Sergio’s three workshops at www.themainloop.com!

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#108 On The Shoulders Of Scorpion Kings

We talk about drama surrounding Sergio and Vanessa’s food podcast A Bit Saucy and how painting is like making grilled cheeses, handling useless feedback, hating flies, avoiding comfort and boredom in your work, working through bad ideas, mural ideas vs. canvas ideas, and we revisit The Rock’s performance in the 2001 classic, The Mummy Returns! Check out Sergio’s upcoming workshops at https://bit.ly/AOC2020Sergio, or sign up to beta-test his course at www.themainloop.com!

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WTD Mini Episode 12: Confidence Vs. Entitlement

On this week’s episode we discuss artists who feel entitled to a foot in the door, versus artists who have the confidence to create their own opportunities. What about false confidence, or losing confidence as you gain skills? Also what’s the difference between Wayne Thiebaud and Tim Tebow? Is there one? All this and more! Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts if you got a minute.

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#107 “The Worth Of Your Name”

Sergio recaps his experience doing the STRADA Easel 30-day painting challenge. Josh recaps being MJ’s mural assistant for the month of September. We discuss evolving for speed and efficiency vs falling back on what works, the Pow Wow Art Festival in Lancaster, problem solving on a wall vs pre-planning, needing room to grow narrative skills, hanging out with other artists, Wide Open Walls in Sacramento, knowing the worth of your name, dealing with the environment while muralling, people having opinions on your mural to your face, painting fruit, applying for opportunities, and a few thoughts on comfort. Check out Sergio’s new painting for the Supersonic Art Show at www.spoke-art.com, and apply for his beta course at https://bit.ly/ECRMethodBetaTestApplication

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#106 Arti B

Sergio recaps his birthday trip to Tahoe with Vanessa, and what he learns by painting in plein air so much, Josh talks about some of the meaning behind his latest painting, the documentary “Last Chance U” and the danger of too much praise, making them hits vs. just practicing, finding the “game within the game” to keep painting interesting, painting urban landscapes, and why Cardi B should have a Pulitzer Prize.

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#105 Art Meme Critiques

Episode 105 graphic

Sergio recaps his Oregon travels with Vanessa, Josh amends his “rich people like shiny stuff” theory, painting under a pseudonym(or a cinnamon), if mental issues help with creating good art or successful artists, if artists should big-up themselves more, the art world needing better ambassadors(and why David Choe ain’t it), we rate a bunch of art memes, and end with a discussion around juggling time per piece vs. cost in order to make a living as an artist, and if The Triplets Of Belleville is a good movie. Find us on Youtube to see all the art memes we talked about on today’s episode. https://www.youtube.com/WaitingToDryPodcast/

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