#10: Ozi Magana Shouts Out Everyone

Ozi Magana joins us to talk about how Sergio and him first met through a mutual friend(did it live up to the hype?), his take on art school, his “beef” with Joshua Mays, his art battle with Nate Van Dyke, and failed battle attempt with Henry Lewis. He tells us how he started showing his art, San Mateo & EPA, and what he’s up to now. We also talk about art fame, where our screen names come from, and someone named Mike Garcia gets shouted out a lot. Ozi then talks about why he hates the Mona Lisa which leads to a discussion about his painting, “Healer Of Worlds.” We find out Josh hates alcohol markers. We finish by discussing movies and boy stuff. We here at Waiting To Dry endorse nothing that was said by our guest. We love you, Joshua Mays.

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