#36: Matt Ritchie’s Space Party

Matt Ritchie(@rat136) comes to the house to talk to us about obsessing over his interests, why he does all of his pieces by hand, growing up with “nerd culture,” using pop culture in his art to address social issues, his “Astralnauts” show with Alex Pardee, his unexpected job as a park ranger, working on a show with his son Miles, his Bay Area twall, the influence of Enrique Chagoya, advice for younger artists and being grateful for the fans, and his surprising answer to the David Choe Money question! Please subscribe, rate and review!


Artists Mentioned:

Andrew Schoultz

Beautiful Losers doc

Alex Pardee

Greg Aranowitz

Miles Ritchie

Jon Wayshak

Mel Ramos

Enrique Chagoya

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