#39 Hiroshi Sato “Tasty Words”

We meet Hiroshi Sato at his SF studio and get right into it! We discuss intention and perception of our art by the viewer, critiquing our work, the geometry in his work, how much his influences inspire his work, the importance of taste, positive/negative freedom, and more. We talk about his painting “Walstrom” and it leads to talk about implying story, and representational art as “fan fiction.” We get his T5DOA and talk more about how he pieces his influences together, and his David Choe Money answer leads to him telling us about Japanese culture vs Western culture and having an outsider’s perspective on both! Great conversation with some friendly debate. Please enjoy. Except you, Jeff.



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4 Replies to “#39 Hiroshi Sato “Tasty Words””

  1. I think the tangent towards video game makes a lot of sense: it’s all about creating an illusion of a space, of a world, of sensations, for people keen to fall for it eventhough they know it’s ‘all fake’.
    Technically it’s also about dealing with resources, as in ‘how can I simplify and be efficient enough so it works in real-time rendering and convey what I want to convey’, in the same way that painting is about finding ways to express an intention with limited tools/medium. So it’s all about being creative, suggesting, playing with illusion, touches…
    My point is: I love your podcasts and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get my thoughts wander while I’m painting! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. one of my favorites by far. the discussion and detail with the themes… love the “quiet” discriptions and how great was the point of not looking to your idols, but your idols’ influences. great job guys.

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