#68 Larry Moore, Carole Gray-Weihman “Fishing For Elephants”

Sergio and Carole Gray-Weihman sit down with Larry Moore during the Plein Air Convention to talk about the En Train Air journey he took to get to San Francisco, creating a class on creativity, fear and resistance, detaching from outcomes, his “Beautiful Mind”-wall, where the title of his book, Fishing For Elephants came from, and publishing a book independently. Carole talks about her joint online teaching venture, then Larry tells them about getting reproduction rights. We break for a day and come back to talk about presenting on stage, his series of animals in interiors, using house paint and more. We get Larry’s take on the Notre Dame cathedral burning, and using gouache. Larry gives thoughtful answers to all of Sergio’s Question Corner! Find him at www.larrymoorestudios.com and Carole at www.pleinairliaison.com and www.Gray-Weihman.com.

Fishing For Elephants book

En Train Air

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4 Replies to “#68 Larry Moore, Carole Gray-Weihman “Fishing For Elephants””

  1. Brought back happy memories of when I met Larry Moore in Jackson Hole for a Scott Christensen workshop in, uh, about 2001 (?). Larry, you know you’ve been an inspiration to me for a looong time. Your superpower is your ability to shuttle back and forth to paint and teach with equal facility. Power to you, Mate.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this while I was in the studio painting. I have taken three of Larry’s workshops and when he mentioned certain things I knew exactly what he was talking about. I laughed several times when he said things he made us do. I know I struggled with getting to what he wanted us to do because of having painted for over 40 years. He is someone I always tell other artists to take the workshop. We all need his lessons on “being” an artist at some point, being authentic… finding out who we are and why we want to paint something. We may get frustrated but his lessons often show up when I am painting! Thank you for doing this podcast.

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