#70 Irene From WonderlandSF: “El Final De Una Era”

Our very special guest Irene from WonderlandSF is on the show and we discuss so many different topics! The strategy of running a gallery in San Francisco, why she started a gallery, the importance of the gallery to Josh’s life, balancing personal wants with business needs, the purpose of galleries in 2019, relationships with collectors, when artists change their styles, and so much more. What will be her answers to Sergio’s Question Corner? Who does she hate?? You’ll learn who! She ends by giving advice about starting a gallery and talks about the future of Bay Area galleries. WonderlandSF has been such a beloved part of the SF art scene, and it will be hugely missed. Catch the final show with 100+ art pieces June 1st. www.wonderlandsf.com

Check out this episode!

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