#71 “Sudden Detectives”

Josh and MJ’s Santa Rosa mural was defaced, and Josh discusses it with Sergio on this episode. They discuss the possible motivations, the news coverage of it, and a bizarre reaction to the GoFundMe. They talk about the Agent Ink Gallery show, and the resulting fallout that happened afterwards. Lots of cautionary advice about working with galleries in this segment. Sergio talks about his success in Carmel despite painting in the rain. They talk about the recent Petaluma art heist and are surprised at the quality of stolen art. They also discuss being more proactive in business, decorative art, and intentional narratives in art. They finish by letting you know about the upcoming change in the podcast. Subscribe rate and review!

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2 Replies to “#71 “Sudden Detectives””

  1. Appreciated hearing all the news, galleries & implies, um, contracts, in such honest fucking language….will make time for older podcasts now….kind of inspired to paint, without narrative or thought though ?

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