#91 “Paint It And Grab It”

For the last show of the year, we talk about NYE plans, how artists are remembered after death, improving as an artist while being famous, matte finishes, and more. Sergio presents the list of his top 10 paintings of 2019 with his reasons why he chose them. We then discuss the article titled, “The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Succeed” and Josh goes off on ‘gatekeepers.’ We finish off by listing the top ten most downloaded episodes of 2019. Josh shares a little behind-the-scenes story about driving Nate Van Dyke home, and we finish with Josh learning about a very special sound clip!

Paintings from Sergio’s 2019 Top Ten (click on the links to follow along)

Jose Luis Cena 

Colleen Barry 

Quang Ho

Zoey Frank

Stephen Early 

Jeff Hein 

Soey Milk 

James Jean 

Mia Bergeron 

Jacob Aguiar 

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