#112 “Yuh Boy Josh Snitched” With MJ Lindo

We start off by talking about how to not do soul-sucking commissions and Josh asks Sergio a potentially friendship-ending question (17:40) before we get into what everyone is here to listen for: the recent video featuring Josh and MJ’s art without their permission! (20:00) Josh talks about why he deleted the story on his IG where he first announced this(38.37), what the response was to the video takedown by the offender, and why they were against the mural in the first place! They also talk about the Stone Sparrow Gallery show (1:07:10) and the new direction that MJ wants to go with her next body of work. Sergio talks about where he is at with putting together his gouache course (1:28:40) before we talk about the TV shows The Mandalorian, Fargo season 4, and Kingdom. We end with MJ talking about some interesting payment innovations in the gallery world. Get some merch from Josh at www.joshualawyer.com/shop!



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