#3: Jason Avery “Koonsception”

In our third episode, we finally have our first Caucasian guest, Jason Avery! We talk about the impact of the fires, growing up in the Midwest, and what inspired him to move west. After a brief detour into Tongan food, we get into a lengthy discussion about his art. How he has always been creating, his earliest influences, Bob Ross, school, and how lame his college was except for one important thing. We talk pretty much the rest of the time about how and why he paints what he does, and what he is going after when he creates a painting.There were a lot of interesting ideas and thoughtful philosophies dissected on this episode. We had a great time with Jason, and the stuff we talked about before and after could have been a podcast itself. Pretty deep discussion. Next time? More fart jokes.

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#2: Getting To Know MJ Lindo

In our second episode, we welcome our first guest ever, Josh’s main squeeze MJ Lindo(@mjlindo)! We talk about our visits to the Legion of Honor to see the Klimt/Rodin show, and our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to photoshoots. We then talk to our guest MJ about where she grew up, how she started with art, how her style evolved, and why Fabio might be her dream model! We get into Instagram and how it’s both amazing and frustrating. We talk about why MJ loves witches and we maybe inadvertently start her Harry Potter podcast… We talk about her painting, “Descanso” and meander off into different topics from there. We finish off by talking about a scumbag in the Nashville area that Sergio came across in his Facebook feed.

Find Sergio at @mainloop and Joshua at @joshuathelawyer on Instagram.

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#1: Origin Stories

In our very first episode, we talk about our origin stories(and how they are almost parallel), how our parents possibly wanted us to do anything else, who’s brothers are better at graffiti, how Josh doesn’t know anyone’s name, our art heroes, and we talk about a painting Sergio has on the easel. We also learned that we need to stop saying “umm” and “like” so much.


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