#48 Cody Miles “Toilet Flowers”

We go to Cody Miles’ studio to talk to him all about being a teacher of art for this new generation. What do young people think is good art? We also talk about looking at traditional vs digital art, and his upcoming move to Japan. We talk about the difference in culture, traveling within the country, “the meat incident,” opposite-hand crayon drawings, and more. We talk about 2 of his pieces which leads into talk about taking art too seriously, sketching people without getting caught, and comedy as social commentary. Sergio’s soundboard gets a mind of its own. As always, we get our guest’s T5AA and DCM! Rate and review us on iTunes for a chance to win original art from WTD!

@codymiles (IG)


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#47 Scott W. Prior “Tijuana Velvet Frames”

Scott W. Prior aka “Rod Bernardo” comes on the show and comes in fresh&hot! Topics discussed: the value of swearing, his start in the world of plein air, velvet frames, getting critiqued, the heyday of plein air events, destroying your old paintings, and more. Scott tells a story about an award getting taken from him, his “Plein Air Punk” brand, and we discover our artist pseudonyms once and for all! We discuss his painting “Market Street Hustle”, shitty uni, family not getting the artist lifestyle, his Top-5-Alive artists, David Choe money, and end with culture’s youth obsession.

Scott W. Prior’s website

Scott’s Facebook Page

Scott’s Instagram

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#46 The Smarterest Episode Yet

Josh recaps his elephant sanctuary visit during his Thailand vacation, Thanksgiving, and travel. They then talk about goal setting, the term “branding,” and some risks they want to try in their art. Josh talks about some recent movies he watched such as “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.” Forrest Gump: Conservative propaganda or modern tragedy? What 5 movies would Sergio take to a desert island?  Sergio then reads Bill Maher’s blog entry “Adulting” as Bill Maher, and Joshua trashes him as Joshua Lawyer. Are people more nostalgic now than other generations? They end by putting out a call with an idea to help them grow the podcast audience. Subscribe, rate and review the show for a chance to win original art until the end of December!

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#45 Patrick Mathews: Skulls And Snakes

On this episode Patrick Mathews talks to us about the influence of early-90’s skateboard graphics on him, studying architecture, the meaning of skulls in art, buying stuff from art supply stores and never using them, putting art on things other than canvas, buying prints, and making stickers. We get into his painting of a jaguar attacking a crocodile and what inspired it and just how much work went into it. We get into his Top 5 Living Artists, and what he’d do with David Choe money! Check out his wide variety of work at art-pm.com. R.I.P. Stan Lee.

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#44 Michael Orwick, Brenda Boylan “Edit Edit Edit”

Coming to you on-location from a secluded beach house near Cannon Beach, Oregon! In this most-heavily-edited episode yet, Sergio talks to Brenda Boylan and Michael Orwick about how this annual retreat came together, Brenda’s experience in Plein Air Easton, her horror-story plein air event housing host, theories on why the Portland plein air community is so tight-knit, a couple of ghost stories, and how they feel about doing plein air events today. Should new painters jump into the plein air scene? They then talk about painting for galleries and how changes of directions can affect that. Are the most celebrated artists rule-breakers? They talk about the Plein Air Convention and future plein air plans, and Brenda’s Top 5 Dead Or Alive artists! Recorded September 28th, 2018.

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#43 Loren Butchart “Paul Walltoe”

Tattoo artist and fellow Santa Rosian podcaster Loren Butchart comes on the show and we talk about everything under the sun! Show notes are hardly important; just know that there are lots of rants and lots of jokes. Do you think the Donner Party never died and just ate butt? Then this podcast is for you! Loren is a pro podcaster so this conversation just flew by and was lots of fun. Check out Loren’s podcast Brave Castle on iTunes or wherever you get them from!
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#42: Bagger43 “Compli-rants”

For this mammoth episode, we go to Bagger43‘s place and talk to him about growing up in military bases all over the Pacific, studying at Ringling, and more. He turns the table on us and gets to know us better too! Him and Sergio compare art school experiences, and graffiti influences with Josh. We discuss how we discover artists, how we ended up on our paths, fashion design, budding entrepreneurialism, conventions, and more. Bagger then asks us where our themes came from and why we use the mediums we do, and how he started using gouache. This was a super episode jam-packed with good conversation. Check out his solo show at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco!

Artists Referenced:

Shawn BarberEl Coro

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#41 Jackson Dryden “Don’t Overcook A Chicken”

Jackson Dryden joins us to talk about his start as an artist in animation, stop-motion animating, drawing with brush pens, keeping a sketchbook, drawing subconsciously, hustling your work, and local art supply stores. We peek through his sketchbooks while Josh tells the story of one particular sketchbook page of his. We talk about advertising and artists with good brands, internet hate, IG livestreaming, and more. We talk about the drawing he did for the Perfect Sketchbook show. We get his T5DOA, David Choe Money answer, and if he’d rather fly or be invisible! Super fun episode!

Artists Referenced:

Bill Joyce

Henry Selick

Kim Jung Gi

James Jean

Matt Bailey

Aaron Horkey

Linsey Levendall


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#40 “Jackson Bollocks”

It’s episode 40 so naturally we start the episode off by talking about 40’s. We then talk about our upcoming shows which leads to talk about strengthening our weak spots, before we get into talking about what everyone’s talking about: Banksy’s latest stunt. We give our takes and our takes on other people’s takes. We talk about the Conor/Kabib fight, what our art might sound like, recapping the Hiroshi Sato episode, our David Choe money answers, and we answer a buttload of listener questions! We talk about the two portraits that Josh did for the upcoming Abend Gallery show, then end with some random silly chit-chat at the end as we often do with the solo shows. Rate subscribe and review us!

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#39 Hiroshi Sato “Tasty Words”

We meet Hiroshi Sato at his SF studio and get right into it! We discuss intention and perception of our art by the viewer, critiquing our work, the geometry in his work, how much his influences inspire his work, the importance of taste, positive/negative freedom, and more. We talk about his painting “Walstrom” and it leads to talk about implying story, and representational art as “fan fiction.” We get his T5DOA and talk more about how he pieces his influences together, and his David Choe Money answer leads to him telling us about Japanese culture vs Western culture and having an outsider’s perspective on both! Great conversation with some friendly debate. Please enjoy. Except you, Jeff.



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