#42: Bagger43 “Compli-rants”

For this mammoth episode, we go to Bagger43‘s place and talk to him about growing up in military bases all over the Pacific, studying at Ringling, and more. He turns the table on us and gets to know us better too! Him and Sergio compare art school experiences, and graffiti influences with Josh. We discuss how we discover artists, how we ended up on our paths, fashion design, budding entrepreneurialism, conventions, and more. Bagger then asks us where our themes came from and why we use the mediums we do, and how he started using gouache. This was a super episode jam-packed with good conversation. Check out his solo show at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco!

Artists Referenced:

Shawn BarberEl Coro

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#41 Jackson Dryden “Don’t Overcook A Chicken”

Jackson Dryden joins us to talk about his start as an artist in animation, stop-motion animating, drawing with brush pens, keeping a sketchbook, drawing subconsciously, hustling your work, and local art supply stores. We peek through his sketchbooks while Josh tells the story of one particular sketchbook page of his. We talk about advertising and artists with good brands, internet hate, IG livestreaming, and more. We talk about the drawing he did for the Perfect Sketchbook show. We get his T5DOA, David Choe Money answer, and if he’d rather fly or be invisible! Super fun episode!

Artists Referenced:

Bill Joyce

Henry Selick

Kim Jung Gi

James Jean

Matt Bailey

Aaron Horkey

Linsey Levendall


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#40 “Jackson Bollocks”

It’s episode 40 so naturally we start the episode off by talking about 40’s. We then talk about our upcoming shows which leads to talk about strengthening our weak spots, before we get into talking about what everyone’s talking about: Banksy’s latest stunt. We give our takes and our takes on other people’s takes. We talk about the Conor/Kabib fight, what our art might sound like, recapping the Hiroshi Sato episode, our David Choe money answers, and we answer a buttload of listener questions! We talk about the two portraits that Josh did for the upcoming Abend Gallery show, then end with some random silly chit-chat at the end as we often do with the solo shows. Rate subscribe and review us!

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#39 Hiroshi Sato “Tasty Words”

We meet Hiroshi Sato at his SF studio and get right into it! We discuss intention and perception of our art by the viewer, critiquing our work, the geometry in his work, how much his influences inspire his work, the importance of taste, positive/negative freedom, and more. We talk about his painting “Walstrom” and it leads to talk about implying story, and representational art as “fan fiction.” We get his T5DOA and talk more about how he pieces his influences together, and his David Choe Money answer leads to him telling us about Japanese culture vs Western culture and having an outsider’s perspective on both! Great conversation with some friendly debate. Please enjoy. Except you, Jeff.



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#38: Zach Oldenkamp “An Intimate Conversation”

Zach Oldenkamp invites us to his SF home and we get right into it! Is his art dark comedy? Why does he prefer graphite? What’s behind the luchador masks? We talk about his drawing “Blue As Your Blood” and about intimacy, titling pieces, and his concept artist job. We also talk about another drawing of his which leads to talk about his many group shows, hints about a new series, his artist origins, arguing about aesthetics, his time at the Safehouse Atelier, his top 5 dead or alive, and his hilarious answer to David Choe Money! Check out his upcoming shows:

The Moleskine Project In London

12×12 Pop-up Show In Chicago

Salut Nucleus Portland

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#37: Jeremy Duncan “Wildly Relaxing”

Jeremy Duncan comes all the way from Ione, CA to join us to talk about his painting origins, his approach to color, how Sergio and him met, painting styles, and more. We then break down his “campfire” paintings and many more. We talk about a lot of his paintings so it might be good to try and follow along on his @jeremyrduncan Instagram page. We talk about his working as a high school art teacher, Josh asks about the plein air scene, and we have a discussion about titling paintings. We end with Jeremy’s Top 5 Dead Or Alive and what he’d do with David Choe Money! Bonus surprise new question! Tell us who won the Smartest Person In The Room Award in your iTunes review! 🙂
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#36: Matt Ritchie’s Space Party

Matt Ritchie(@rat136) comes to the house to talk to us about obsessing over his interests, why he does all of his pieces by hand, growing up with “nerd culture,” using pop culture in his art to address social issues, his “Astralnauts” show with Alex Pardee, his unexpected job as a park ranger, working on a show with his son Miles, his Bay Area twall, the influence of Enrique Chagoya, advice for younger artists and being grateful for the fans, and his surprising answer to the David Choe Money question! Please subscribe, rate and review!


Artists Mentioned:

Andrew Schoultz

Beautiful Losers doc

Alex Pardee

Greg Aranowitz

Miles Ritchie

Jon Wayshak

Mel Ramos

Enrique Chagoya

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#35: Beefy Traxx

Another episode of Machine Gun Kelly’s favorite art podcast! We sit down to talk about Jeremy Mann’s pop-up show and his movie “The Conductor”, which leads to talk about street art vs. graffiti, superhero movie talk, white rappers, the episode of Harsh Truth with the Thinkspace Gallery owner(is WTD moving to LA???), pay-to-play galleries, assorted randomness, and we get into Sergio’s brain a bit! What’s really behind the Painted Roses series and when is he gonna stop repeating himself so goddamn much?! We talk about a piece of Sergio’s that goes in a new direction for him and what that might mean for his future and for artists who change in general. And then it just kinda falls apart at the end in true WTD fashion. Make sure you’re following @mainloop for more info about all of his upcoming shows.

Artists worth looking up:


Kathryn Macnaughton

Mark English

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#34: Tony Guaraldi Brown “Obsessed With Perseverance”

Tony Guaraldi Brown joins us to talk about growing up in the Imperial Valley, how he hates drawing on digital tablets and asks us a few questions about what makes a piece of art hand-done and the worth of mass-reproduced art. We talk about what we look for in art at museums, then we talk about the stories behind the reoccurring characters in his work. We talk about how his characters are based on his past and his relationships with his family. We find out what Tony would do with David Choe money, and his top 5 dead or alive! Find his work at TGBart.com!

Topics and Artists referenced:

Aaron Horkey

Franklin Booth

Joseph Clement Coll

“Your Name” anime

Francisco Goya


Mike Mignola

Takehiko Inoue

Gustave Dore

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
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#33: The Squeaky Dryer Sketchbook Episode

Who the heck needs a guest?! Josh and Sergio start off by talking about the Moleskine Show book signing, the new cat Greg, their summer painting breaks, and Sergio’s new vlog before getting deep into each other’s sketchbooks. Josh brings his sketchbooks from the past few years; Sergio brings his most recent book and one from 2005 and talk about what they find. They then discuss new directions that Sergio wants to go in. They end by discussing some quotes from the Harvey Dunn book. You should know by now. Some silliness, some seriousness. Sorry about the squeaks.

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