Best of Waiting To Dry, Vol. 1: The First 15 Episodes

Hey guys. We put together this Best-Of show to help promote the show. Here are some moments that stand out, whether they are funny or insightful, that showcase what the podcast is about. If you’re a fan of the show and want an easy way to share it with your friends you can link them to this episode! If you’ve been a guest on our show and want to share a snippet, you can also link them to the part in this show that you appear. Thanks so much if you share this! We’re really psyched to see this show keep growing and you can help us out a lot with your share. Thanks to all of our guests, whose stories and insights have made this show so fun to do!

Intro: Nate Van Dyke Hates Waiting To Dry

0:01:07 Episode 1: Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez

0:06:00 Episode 2: MJ Lindo

0:09:00 Episode 3: Jason Avery

0:21:56 Episode 4: Monty Guy

0:25:57 Episode 5: Nate Van Dyke

0:43:53 Episode 6: Leon Loucheur

0:47:36 Episode 7: John Wentz

0:58:34 Episode 8: Judson Monroe

1:10:42 Episode 9: Joshua Mays

1:17:29 Episode 10: Ozi Magana

1:26:51 Episode 11: Glenn Arthur

1:36:43 Episode 12: Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez

1:42:00 Episode 13: Aaron Nagel

1:49:19 Episode 14: Emilio Villalba

1:55:11 Episode 15: Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez

Outro: Ozi Magana Hates Waiting To Dry

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#26 Brett Crawford “Learn How To Get Your Feelings Hurt”

Brett Crawford came up from San Clemente for his 111 Minna Gallery show and hung out with us at Monty Guy’s studio to record this podcast! He tells us the story of a mural near WonderlandSF gallery before getting deep into his story about coming up from being a drug-addict 18-year felon to turning his life around via art. He tells us about scoring a job at a print shop and used samples to make friends in the art scene, viewing the Choe Show, and his views on life and death. We hear the story behind his painting featuring Geoffrey The Giraffe called “Taking Geoffrey Home,” his “Fuck Cancer” tag, and more. We hear his side of the infamous “Pretentious C” story (fun fact: he was the other guy Josh was talking to!) and how he made a bad first impression at Thinkspace Gallery. We end with some good advice about how to handle rejection and fantasizing to manifest the reality you want. We were really inspired by his story of his drive to redeem himself and you will be too. His 111 Minna show opens Friday July 6th, 2018.

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#24 Jason Avery “You And Uglow?”

Our first ever returning guest! Jason Avery drops by to talk to us about a new spiritual direction he wants to go with his art, teaching himself sculpting(warning to sculptors: we don’t know shit!), what Warhol would do with social media, and slowing down. Sergio’s mic goes out after about an hour or so(will anyone really notice?) so we take a break to fix it, then switch gears and talk about galleries vs. Instagram to gain collectors, the value we put on our own art, and then we get into a good debate about technique vs. idea in art, and artists creating their own visual language. 3 artists who don’t agree on everything make for a much more fascinating conversation than an agreement-fest. We hope you enjoy the direction this episode takes! Rate and review us on iTunes or your favorite listening platform.

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#21: Amandalynn “The Friendliest Wall-Pimp”

We have muralist Amanda Lynn over and we get all up in her mural bizness! We talk about trying to get us into doing murals, her “wall-bitches,” doing commercial murals vs for yourself, our upcoming group show we’re all in, sleep habits, spirituality, questions we get on social media, and going chemical-free. We talk about her painting “Lullabye” as well as an installation she made. We talk about art fandom and Josh’s resistance to commissions before we wrap it up. Fun episode; a good mix of humor and light-hearted chat mixed into genuine art talk. Give it a listen and rate it on your favorite platform if you like it.

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#20: Adam Caldwell “Conan The Librarian”

Adam Caldwell has us over to his studio to tell us about why he likes teaching beginner students, moving from Maine to the Bay Area, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” subject genders in paintings, the relevance of painting in 2018, and handling criticism. We talk about a painting in his studio in progress which leads to talking about ways to create new compositions, nostalgia, and other things. Josh finishes the show sans-Sergio with Adam and they talk about gallery shows, taking chances with paintings, researching ideas, political activism and the social climate before wrapping it up. One of the more serious episodes of late but never too heavy. It was great for the both of us to meet him. Look up his upcoming Talon Gallery show in Portland!

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#19: “The Starving Artist Diet”

The first episode with ya boyz together in 4 weeks! We start off by recapping Sergio’s plein air event in Atlanta, then we talk about the episodes Josh did with Steve Kim and Felicia Gabaldon and what Sergio thought of them. We talk John Krasinski, Donald Glover, Alex Jones, and Cobra Kai amongst other things. We talk about sketchbook habits, then recap our previous weekends and trash the BS parts of the Santa Rosa art scene amongst other things before discussing an altercation Josh had at his WonderlandSF reception. We talk more about Felicia end with a brief discussion of cultural appropriation. Please rate and review us on iTunes!

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#18: Carole Gray-Weihman “Rosemary of Palette Knives”

Judson Monroe joins Sergio Lopez at Carole Gray-Weihman’s Petaluma studio to talk about their passion for plein air events, painting in the Southwest, unscrupulous galleries, becoming a colorist with the Hensche school, Quang Ho’s unconscious competence, Larry Moore’s book Fishing For Elephants, good and bad students, studying with the Egelis, her massive color palette, Antonio Mancini, and palette knives. We discuss a couple of paintings and she tells us a story about a harrowing experience during a plein air event. Find Carole at @plein_air_liaison on IG and see her work at Authentique Gallery in St. George UT.

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#17: Felicia Gabaldon “Drunk Brunch!”

Join us (Joshua Lawyer, Mj Lindo and Felicia Gabaldon) as we stumble though this very clumsy conversation! Full off of pancakes and mimosas, we seem to start down a road where we discuss relevant topics that apply to an art podcast, before taking a hard right turn down a dark alley that only leads to confusion and nervous laughter. So please enjoy the brief moments of sunlight before we quickly bring you back to a disorienting darkness as dark as gouache black on an un-primed wood panel! If the description of this podcast confuses you…Hold on to your seats cause you ain’t heard nothing YET!

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#16: Steve Kim “Road Trip!”

Steve Kim stops by on his road trip from Mississippi to LA to talk to me and guest host Leon Loucheur about his up coming show and mural project at NOH/WAVE. We also talk about Grad school, the horror film his paintings pulled reference from for the upcoming show. Then we talk about techniques he uses to get his unique take of art, his regrets on not investing in bitcoin, And trying to put himself back into the mindset of his 11 year old self, right before the dark bruting art stage… then we talk a little shit about a few OG abstract guys!

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#15: The Wandering Eye Of A Whispering Soul

Sergio and Josh recap their boozy night before talking about working on their upcoming shows. All sorts of random stuff gets talked about, such as framing, Bam Bam Bigelow, nuclear holocaust, dad jokes, dark comedies, not jotting down ideas, and people listening to our podcast. Sergio fails miserably at trying to get Josh to read The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. We trash a bunch of annoying things before we limp to the finish line. Uber epic episode. Stayeth woketh, bros.

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