#3: Jason Avery “Koonsception”

In our third episode, we finally have our first Caucasian guest, Jason Avery! We talk about the impact of the fires, growing up in the Midwest, and what inspired him to move west. After a brief detour into Tongan food, we get into a lengthy discussion about his art. How he has always been creating, his earliest influences, Bob Ross, school, and how lame his college was except for one important thing. We talk pretty much the rest of the time about how and why he paints what he does, and what he is going after when he creates a painting.There were a lot of interesting ideas and thoughtful philosophies dissected on this episode. We had a great time with Jason, and the stuff we talked about before and after could have been a podcast itself. Pretty deep discussion. Next time? More fart jokes.

Check out this episode!

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