#23 Melanie Alves “Octopus Salad”

On a windy SF day, Melanie Alves invites us to her studio talk about the expectations of artists and galleries, being a mother in San Francisco, Portuguese food, using her art for social issues, her pillow project that tackles womens issues, people wanting to touch your art, and how having children can make you more creative. We talk about her painting “China Girl” and the story of the woman who inspired it. We also talk about capturing farts, a terrible app-for-children idea, and getting judged as a person for your art. Melanie tells us about her second-grader hustle, censoring yourself, Portuguese words, and how she sent a poop picture to her friends. Melanie’s very talented in many mediums and very fun to talk to. Enjoy and give us a good rating on your favorite platform if you like it!

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