#31: Za Vue, Anton Pavlenko “Blue Ribbons Burn The Cleanest”

In this special edition of Waiting To Dry, Sergio hangs out with artists Za Vue and Anton Pavlenko while camping in Maryhill, Washington for the Pacific Northwest Plein Air event. They get into camping near an active wildfire, the importance of swimming during a plein air event, brag about our camp food, how Anton damaged another painter’s painting, getting probed, Chewy the Camping Cat, and what makes them choose which events they do. Sergio talks to Za and Anton about their unique painting styles, and we discuss representational vs. abstract in plein air, staying humble after winning awards, plans for a competition-free paintout, and lots of Tech-Talk? about cold wax medium. They talk about their impromptu trip to the Seattle Art Fair and what they liked/ridiculed, and find out Anton and Za’s Top 5 Dead Or Alive! Sergio wraps it up with a brand new segment for the show!

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