#52 Fernando Reyes “Just Get A Retrospective”

We join Fernando Reyes in his Oakland studio to talk about how he quit his job in banking to pursue art full time, studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, studying printmaking at UC Davis, how your limitations can inspire your direction, listening for good ideas, appreciating Matisse, woodblock printing, converting your artistic waste into art, his retrospective at the Mexican museum, his painting “Prudence” and “Tranquil,” the importance of collector relationships, his approach to figure drawing, selling prints, and the Startup Art Fair. Sergio wants to know “what’s the deal with monoprints?” check his great work out at www.freyesart.com!

stArtup Art Fair

Artists mentioned:

Lucian Freud

Egon Shiele

Paul Cadmus (drawings)




Rex Ray

James Kennedy

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