#53 David Polka “The Trust Fund Baby App”

We talk to David Polka (@slowcoolassault) at Faultline Studio in Oakland about coming from New Mexico, how art scenes change, the “magic” of creation, symbolism, following the art path as a young person and more. We discuss his painting “State Of The Union” which leads into talk about the current state of affairs AKA the most political talk we’ve ever gotten into! We also talk about avoiding being pedantic with political art, his art technique and how the Southwest shows up in his work! We talk about the benefit of doing commercial murals which leads into talk about graffiti, urban exploration and more. We talk about his art in the film, “Sorry To Bother You!” Who are his T5DOA? What would he do with David Choe money? Check his great work out at www.davidpolka.com.

Artists mentioned:

James Jean (@jamesjeanart)

Tamara Santibanez (@tamarasantibanez)

Marsha Robinson (@strangedirt)

Zac Scheinbaum (@zacscheinbaum)

Georgia O’Keefe


Tewa black pottery

Projector for indoor murals – short throw projector

99 Dragons – www.dragonschool99.com

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