#106 Arti B

Sergio recaps his birthday trip to Tahoe with Vanessa, and what he learns by painting in plein air so much, Josh talks about some of the meaning behind his latest painting, the documentary “Last Chance U” and the danger of too much praise, making them hits vs. just practicing, finding the “game within the game” to keep painting interesting, painting urban landscapes, and why Cardi B should have a Pulitzer Prize.

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#105 Art Meme Critiques

Episode 105 graphic

Sergio recaps his Oregon travels with Vanessa, Josh amends his “rich people like shiny stuff” theory, painting under a pseudonym(or a cinnamon), if mental issues help with creating good art or successful artists, if artists should big-up themselves more, the art world needing better ambassadors(and why David Choe ain’t it), we rate a bunch of art memes, and end with a discussion around juggling time per piece vs. cost in order to make a living as an artist, and if The Triplets Of Belleville is a good movie. Find us on Youtube to see all the art memes we talked about on today’s episode. https://www.youtube.com/WaitingToDryPodcast/

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#104 “…While The World Is Burning??”

Waiting To Dry Art Podcast #104 “…While The World Is Burning??”

We talk about Josh attracting conspiracy theorists, Craigslist, Sergio’s upcoming Oregon trip, Josh’s problem with the recently posted art meme, Sergio’s recent trip to Arby’s, vague-cast about recent artist drama being aired out on Instagram, which leads to a discussion around student-teacher relationships. Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, knock that one-star review down!

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#103 Scale Not Skills

Back at it again after a month-long hiatus! Had some internal stuff to work out but we’re goin’ strong again. We talk about learning how to camp, Josh’s financials post-day-job, stretching, doing art competitions for advertisement purposes, Younggripper on Tiktok, podcasts that Sergio listens to, David Lynch, @jasknightart vs Arcadia Contemporary, a very cutting-edge piece of performance art that we were pointed to on Instagram, and we figure out how to be the next Jeremy Mann! Buy some art from Josh at www.joshualawyer.com/shop.

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Waiting To Dry Mini Episode 8: “Piff!” with Vanessa Walsh

It’s the Waiting To Dry drinking game part 2! Sergio and Vanessa do their own version of the “Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet” podcast and read bad reviews of art museums. We also drink every time someone mentions kids, bathrooms, the price of the museum, false expectations for the museum, or complains about the point of the museum. Go make your favorite drink and play along!

Article where we got the bad reviews from: 


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#102 Pointing Fingers

Josh and Sergio are back in the house! Josh talks his experience with painting murals in Portland, his problem with Blackout Tuesday, the need for a real leader in this era, Thinkspace versus Colin Chillag and the resulting fallout, Nicolas Uribe versus companies who make “flesh tone” paint, and more. Josh talks about Sergio’s magazines he shared in the last episode and they discuss self-censorship, we respond to a listener question about if “remakes” are allowed in the art world, finding treasure in Yellowstone, looking for solutions, more thoughts on the Colin-Thinkspace controversy, comedians acting and more.

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#101 Tony Guaraldi Brown, Vanessa Walsh “Good Job Keep Going”

#101 Tony Guaraldi Brown, Vanessa Walsh “Good Job Keep Going”

While Josh is up in Portland working on a mural with MJ, Sergio and Vanessa do a show with their good friend Tony Guaraldi Brown! They talk about how Tony’s name is constantly butchered, the local scene holding up through quarantine, extol the virtues of gouache, wonder if James Gurney is spawning a master-race of artists, Hokusai’s tasty waves, and more. They each brought in oid artwork and then analyze how they have evolved as artists and what has been a constant from then to now. Tony brings in work from the last two decades, and Vanessa brings in a drawing she made when she was 16. Sergio blows everyone’s mind by bringing in zines he made when he was 9 and 12, and we get deep into his childhood nerdom! They discuss how much story to share in an image, what you can do vs what you want to do, and much more. Find Tony at www.tgbart.com and Vanessa at compassroseartistry.com.



James Gurney @gurneyjourney

Lauren Urlacher https://www.laurenurlacher.com/

Hokusai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji

Sergio’s Soundclound link: https://soundcloud.com/main-loop

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