#100 The Two Racketeers

It’s episode 100! Josh reveals some life-and-career-changing news! How much time will Sergio do to protect Josh’s criminal enterprise? How come celebrities have no talent? These questions and more from the listeners are answered! Flea vs. the ShamWow guy! Peepee River vs PooPoo mountain! We talk about sharing works-in-progress on Instagram, and end by clarifying our position on the #artistsupportpledge movement. Don’t fail trying to be nice, everybody!

Sergio’s Paint Drips: CLICK HERE
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#99 Still ‘Teenin

Waiting To Dry Podcast Episode 99 – Still ‘Teenin

In this episode we talk about art as a way of enhancing your living space, discovering gimmicky artists on Instagram, rant against #artistsupportpledge, reconnecting with your goals during quarantine, exploring watercolor and gouache, fear and risk versus reward in painting, pricing according to surface, art that deals with the quarantine, COVID memes, Carole Baskin, true crime documentaries, and Sergio and Vanessa making it onto @influencersinthewild!

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#98 Quarantined Couple Edition Episode 2: Josh and Mj

Joshua Lawyer and Mj Lindo Lawyer play a drinking game where they try to have a conversation without talking about the current pandemic… They get really drunk. tune in to listen to them talk about a show they are working on, different ways they tackle story, figuring out how to judge the public while staying indoors, and a the recent murder of their neighbor! the listen to Mj’s attempt to catch up on a long list of movies with the goal to understand more pop culture references.  

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#97 Quarantined Couple Edition Episode 1: Sergio Lopez And Vanessa Walsh

For the quarantine, we decided to do something different: we are each hosting an episode with our significant others! First up is Sergio co-hosting with Vanessa Walsh. They talk about Vanessa moving into Sergio’s studio, Sergio working on his plein air painting course, someone causing drama with Sergio at Vanessa’s art show, their new restaurant review podcast, the impact of the quarantine on the art world, Heather Martin’s Art Refuge Facebook group, and perform WTD Audio Theatre! So much more discussed on this episode. Subscribe, rate and review where you find your podcasts.

Vanessa’s Instagrams:




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WTD Mini Episode #7 Waiting To Go Outside Again

In this episode, we can’t escape talking about that stupid virus, we get into Sergio’s “Bad Curator” topic(which cliche art show you would you rather participate in?), what we are working on with our forced time off, the why’s of painting a burger, and hate on pandemic hoarders.

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#96 Carl Dobsky “The Assassination Of Mark Rothko”

We meet with Carl Dobsky at BACAA in San Carlos to talk about he started teaching, his connection to Massive Black, bridging the gap between cast drawing and concept art, and we dive deep into narrative! Josh and Carl compare their approaches to building narrative, Carl talks about his path to learning about visual storytelling, depicting action to tell the story, and “implied resolution.” We had a lot of fun in Sergio’s Question Corner! Look out for his 3-person show with Shawn Barber and Coro coming June 13th to Maxwell Alexander Gallery in LA.


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#95 Cooks And Bakers

The bad boyz of art podcasting are back! We talk about why most art podcasts are bad, Sergio talks about his San Diego trip and the horror of party brunches, cooking as a metaphor for art, Josh’s art party from Saturday, clarifying Sergio’s work ethic, Josh’s art trade show idea, being turned off by style in art, Josh’s heroics, answer a listener question about mural pricing, Josh’s altercation with a tweaker, and more. 

Check out Sergio’s new painting at Modern Eden Gallery March 7th 2020. 

Get 20% off of Artwork Archive by going to www.artworkarchive.com/waiting.

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#94 The 2020 Wacademy Awards

The boys from Waiting To Dry host the 2nd Annual Wacademy Awards! Josh add Sergio hand out praise and rants like so many Woscars! Along with the best movies, performances, and directors, they also award their guilty pleasures, comedies, superhero movies, TV shows and worst movies of 2019! We end with a discussion about if actors and actresses should have separate award categories and sound hella woke! Please give us a rating or let us know what your favorite movies of 2019 were!

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