#27: Agnieszka Pilat, Mecha-Hustler.

Agnieszka Pilat, Mecha-Hustler.

Agnieszka Pilat! We get into some art bizness! She talks to us how she came straight to San Francisco from Poland and studied at the Academy of Art, talent vs hard work, how social media can motivate artists, all about her #disrupt series, her painting “Amazing Grace,” networking to bypass galleries, the meaning of life, and she answers a ton of listener questions from Instagram! She tells us how she cultivates relationships with her collectors to grow her career, Yutta and Gutta’s plans to take over the art world, and what her next series might be! There was a lot of great info for artists trying to make a living in this episode, and we both picked up a lot of tips to think about! We are sure you will too, so show some love and let us know what you learn in the reviews section of your favorite listening platform!
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