#74 Gage Opdenbrouw “Emotional Ambiguity”

Waiting To Dry goes full-on Joe Rogan with a 3-hour episode! Dennis “Bagger43” Brown guest hosts with Sergio as Gage Opdenbrouw joins as the guest. They discuss “coffee cup syndrome,” the single most important painting class he’s taken, moving away from photo-reference, what he teaches in his painting classes, his interest in emotional ambiguity, his Garland Of Hours show, what he likes about university shows, the traps of commercializing your art, collecting a sense of place, artistic dreams possibly aligning with their means, his Top 5 living artists, which artists he hates and why, and we unravel the mysteries of Bob Ross! All things Gage at www.gageopdenbrouw.com, and Bagger43 at bagger43.com.

Piet Mondrian’s early landscapes
Egon Schiele landscapes

Marc Trujillo

Rackstraw Downes

David Park

Bill Viola

Maya Lin

Christof Buchel

Nijideka Akunyili Crosby

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#42: Bagger43 “Compli-rants”

For this mammoth episode, we go to Bagger43‘s place and talk to him about growing up in military bases all over the Pacific, studying at Ringling, and more. He turns the table on us and gets to know us better too! Him and Sergio compare art school experiences, and graffiti influences with Josh. We discuss how we discover artists, how we ended up on our paths, fashion design, budding entrepreneurialism, conventions, and more. Bagger then asks us where our themes came from and why we use the mediums we do, and how he started using gouache. This was a super episode jam-packed with good conversation. Check out his solo show at First Amendment Gallery in San Francisco!

Artists Referenced:

Shawn BarberEl Coro

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