#22: Chris Leib “Why Humans Paint With Whiskers”

Road trip! Waiting To Dry invades Chris Leib’s house for the weekend, and record a podcast during their stay. Chris talks to us about his upcoming move to Berlin, the Carmel art scene, the idea behind his astronaut and ape paintings, his beginnings as an artist, the book “Why Cats Paint,” “Hippasnortalafuguss,” mystery in narrative, painting around people, using walrus whiskers to paint, that guy who paints blue dogs, and getting ideas from dreams. We talk about Chris’s painting on the easel (that the hosts ADORE) and explore the idea and techniques behind it. We finish with talking about pseudonyms for commissions and give birth to “Dragonslayer!” So many laughs to be had; Chris is a great artist, person, and fit for our show. Enjoy and please give us a good rating on your favorite platform if you liked this episode. Thanks!

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