#84 Emilio Villalba, Tamsin Smith “No Small Talk On The Canvas”

Emilio Villalba(@emilio_villalba) returns to the podcast with Tamsin Smith (@slipstreamer11) to talk about their new collaborative project they are working on together! Every Sunday they get together at Matt Gonzalez(@mattgonzalez_collage)’s studio and paint on canvases together. They talk about the self-imposed limitations that make the collaboration unique, letting go of ego and expectations, understanding poetry, Tamsin’s art reviews, collaborating “politely,” and more. Tamsin’s books are titled Word Cave and Between First And Second Sleep. Their November shows will be at Adobe Books in San Francisco.

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#14: Emilio Villalba “Sounding Cheesy”

Fresh off the heels of his Booth Gallery in NYC show, Emilio Villalba invites us to his home and studio to talk about how he titles his paintings, the eyeballs he paints, how his environment influences his work, going from animation in LA to painting in SF, music, teaching, how Mark Tennant changed his life, his journey to see Velasquez and a few other things before we get into his painting in progress, “Mother and Child” that he graciously allowed us to share with you. We discuss why Picasso and Willem de Kooning were great(clutch your pearls, realists!) and speculate on who will be remembered from our time. We wrap it up by talking about album cover art. It’s obvious how thoughtful he is about his craft. If you’re a painter of any sort, you’ll really enjoy this one.

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“The Blind Cat”

Mark Tennant

Mark Tennant


Picasso’s “Guernica”

Lucian Freud

Frank Stella



Alex Kanevsky American/Lithuanian painter