#9: Joshua Mays “Vision and Value”

Joshua Mays invited us into his home in Oakland to talk about his ideas for a live/work exhibition space, sci-fi, sci-reality, and getting our stories across as artists. He breaks down his Vision and Value concept which is a very interesting way for artists to think about their worth. We make some short detours into hip-hop (and Josh even “freestyles”?), crows being smart, Gunpla, and other things before getting into art business-relevant topics like money flow, the Internet, and more. We break down his painting, “Beacon Frequency Reader.” After that he tells about the artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh to make a point about Vision vs. Value. We finish by talking about the Red Bull Music Academy and the value that brands could bring by collaborating with artists. We really enjoyed listening to what he had to say and we know you will too.
@joshuamaysart on IG

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