#82 Leon Loucheur “Kill Your Ducklings”

Leon Loucheur comes back on the show to tell us about his upcoming 111 Minna show, “Pick Your Poison!” We discuss vices, nature’s brutality, art going “over your head,” stuff we drew as teenagers, Josh not remembering names, weird art festivals, productivity and efficiency, looking for art answers, and SF living. We get Leon’s answers to Sergio’s Question Cornerâ„¢ and his answer to the artist he hates might blow some minds! Super fun episode! It was great catching up with our old friend and shooting the shit with him. Classic!

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#30 Bryce Cameron Liston “Beer With A Side Of Cantaloupe”

OH boy this was a fun one! I sit down with the amazing artist Bryce Liston and my good friend and stand in co-host Leon Loucheur and we drink a few beers eat some ice cold cantaloupe and shoot all the shits! We talk about Utah, tell drinking stories near hotel pools, how we judge people that buy our art, how we feel about our art during the process and once complete. We also talk about the arrogance of youth, we talk about social media (but i’m sure you knew that already) the book “The Road”. we talk about the art of story telling, then dive into two paintings by Bryce. then wrap the episodes with more shooting of shits!

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Also Sergio just found himself and will be back next week!

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#16: Steve Kim “Road Trip!”

Steve Kim stops by on his road trip from Mississippi to LA to talk to me and guest host Leon Loucheur about his up coming show and mural project at NOH/WAVE. We also talk about Grad school, the horror film his paintings pulled reference from for the upcoming show. Then we talk about techniques he uses to get his unique take of art, his regrets on not investing in bitcoin, And trying to put himself back into the mindset of his 11 year old self, right before the dark bruting art stage… then we talk a little shit about a few OG abstract guys!

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#6: Leon Loucheur “Wolf Poop”

In episode 6, Leon sticks up for LA before telling us about his start in graffiti and we bond over 90’s underground hip-hop. He tells us about college in Arcata and his move to SF. He talks about his self-published children’s book that launched his art career, and the one class he took at the Academy of Art. He tells us about an interesting collaboration between himself and Mike Gallegos. We discuss a couple of paintings of his and try to figure out what the heck they mean! In the process we discuss symbolism and clarity of intent in painting. Sergio gets us into a discussion about the controversial removal of a Waterhouse from a museum. We end the podcast by talking about what media we consume while painting. This was a chill episode, relaxing conversation that flowed easily. Enjoy!

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