#85 Nate Van Dyke, Paul Hermann “Resting Upstanding-Citizen Face”

Nate Van Dyke (@69n8vandyke) introduces us to his new studio mate Paul Hermann(@premier_coup)! They talk about working together in video games, share @elcoro36 stories, tips on shooting models, artists you like doing things you don’t, hesitation about changing styles, peeing in the studio sink, artwork pricing talk, selling art online vs selling in galleries, boring Instagram posts, and more.

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#65 Nate Van Dyke “That’s Where The Sex Is”

Nate Van Dyke answers all your questions! Why he hates drawing horses, if he starts with an idea in mind, has he met his heroes, his dream project, how much time he spends on a piece, what he listens to while arting, depression, if he’d rather hear R. Kelly covering Slayer or Slayer covering R. Kelly, how tall he is, who is Dutch, Sergio’s new lightning-round Question Corner, Dupyutren’s contracture, and more. We end with mural talk and art-flippers. Check out Nate at @69N8VanDyke on Instagram. Suck it, Vincent.

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#5: Nate Van Dyke, Naked With One Sock.

In episode 5, Nate Van Dyke talks to us about getting started as a pro artist, El Coro, doing commissions, “Fuck you” prices, Jon Wayshak, not going to art school, and social media. We get deep into the assault he was a victim of in December, and what happened to his 11×17 scanner. We talk about the animals in his art, polar bears, what Nate had to do with Josh and MJ’s first date, his work for Jay-Z and PBR, and getting credit. We also talk about Jeremy Fish and meeting your art heroes who turn out to be cool. We discuss the SF artist community and end with Nate giving some words to the wise. No feelings were hurt in the recording of this episode.

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