#12: Plein Air Orgies In The Dark

Hey yallz. It’s just your homies flying solo this ep’. Sergio tells us about a new series of landscapes inspired by the Sonoma County fires, and a new landscape for a “painted frame” theme show. They talk about deadlines and overcommitments before getting deep into a “secret project” that Sergio has been working on in his spare time. They talk about keeping interest in an ongoing series and what happens when you change directions. They discuss Josh’s painting “Be On The Watch, There Are Ways Out” and get into Bukowski, ambiguous narratives, and painting as a vehicle for storytelling. They break down why Jim Carrey is not a good artist, put you on to a neat Kickstarter, and Sorolla as a mini art history lesson which leads to discussion about color blindness. They finish the episode by answering listener questions. Josh Solo shot first.

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#1: Origin Stories

In our very first episode, we talk about our origin stories(and how they are almost parallel), how our parents possibly wanted us to do anything else, who’s brothers are better at graffiti, how Josh doesn’t know anyone’s name, our art heroes, and we talk about a painting Sergio has on the easel. We also learned that we need to stop saying “umm” and “like” so much.


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