#101 Tony Guaraldi Brown, Vanessa Walsh “Good Job Keep Going”

#101 Tony Guaraldi Brown, Vanessa Walsh “Good Job Keep Going”

While Josh is up in Portland working on a mural with MJ, Sergio and Vanessa do a show with their good friend Tony Guaraldi Brown! They talk about how Tony’s name is constantly butchered, the local scene holding up through quarantine, extol the virtues of gouache, wonder if James Gurney is spawning a master-race of artists, Hokusai’s tasty waves, and more. They each brought in oid artwork and then analyze how they have evolved as artists and what has been a constant from then to now. Tony brings in work from the last two decades, and Vanessa brings in a drawing she made when she was 16. Sergio blows everyone’s mind by bringing in zines he made when he was 9 and 12, and we get deep into his childhood nerdom! They discuss how much story to share in an image, what you can do vs what you want to do, and much more. Find Tony at www.tgbart.com and Vanessa at compassroseartistry.com.



James Gurney @gurneyjourney

Lauren Urlacher https://www.laurenurlacher.com/

Hokusai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji

Sergio’s Soundclound link: https://soundcloud.com/main-loop

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#34: Tony Guaraldi Brown “Obsessed With Perseverance”

Tony Guaraldi Brown joins us to talk about growing up in the Imperial Valley, how he hates drawing on digital tablets and asks us a few questions about what makes a piece of art hand-done and the worth of mass-reproduced art. We talk about what we look for in art at museums, then we talk about the stories behind the reoccurring characters in his work. We talk about how his characters are based on his past and his relationships with his family. We find out what Tony would do with David Choe money, and his top 5 dead or alive! Find his work at TGBart.com!

Topics and Artists referenced:

Aaron Horkey

Franklin Booth

Joseph Clement Coll

“Your Name” anime

Francisco Goya


Mike Mignola

Takehiko Inoue

Gustave Dore

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
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