#111 Monty Guy “Drunk Darwinism”

Our first guest in the quarantine! Fan favorite Monty Guy talks to us about life in the Arizona desert, lack of motivation, The Chappelle Show being sold to Netflix, the cost of living, flags and borders, the deterioration of the Bay Area, embracing the outlaw, thoughts on the gallery role in the future, haggling and discounts(Josh gives a hot tip!), and a whole lot more. 


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#4: Monty Guy “#Whyisntmontyfamous”

In episode 4, Monty Guy joins us to talk about getting kicked out of art school, meeting The Fat Jew, going back home to B’Field and his return to the Bay Area. He talks about the concept behind his paintings of tattooed subjects. We learn about Monty’s parents, and the shocking truth about his name. We dive deep into Sergio’s Facebook controversy he caused a couple of weeks ago and get Josh and Monty’s takes. Spoiler alert: they no like art competitions. We discuss Chuck Close’s sexual misconduct allegations and Monty gets a lil’ spicy. We finish with Monty giving us a nice little story about out-running the police. Love him. Hate him. Do both. It’s Monty.

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